Forget overweight baggage fees, forgotten items and a disorganised case, with these seven proven hacks to improve your travel experience.

By Annabel Fuller

1.Choose the right suitcase

The simplest way to reduce clutter is by using a small bag so you can’t overpack. While larger cases allow you to pack more, it also means you are more likely to fill it with unnecessary items. CT recommends investing in a suitable sized case, such as The Medium by Away Travel. Its hard-shell exterior is proven to protect your precious cargo while still being light and mobile enough for any traveller to manoeuvre on a long trip.

2. Roll lighter fabrics

Rolling clothes is the best way to avoid creases, and it saves valuable space in your bag. For best results, when rolling ensure the garments are rolled tightly and the stacked standing up like a book with its spine towards you. This way, when looking for your clothes, you can easily see what each item is.

3. Pack a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a minimalist approach to clothes than can be easily mixed and matched-ideal for travel. Capsule packing reduces the number of clothes you need to pack and takes away the worry of what to wear and what matches. For best results pack a neutral colour scheme that can be dressed up with accessories.

4. Use packing cells

Packing your items into organised cells will not only make you feel super prepared, but you’ll also save luggage space. These zipped cubes come in a variety of colours and sizes, making it easy to categorise your clothes and other valuables. BONUS: they can also be slipped right into hotel drawers, making unpacking in your destination a one-step process.

5. Organise jewellery

We’ve all heard of storing our jewellery in pillboxes and plastic straws, however, the eco-conscious team at CT recommend using a jewellery organiser to keep your precious gems safe, while travelling. We love The Daily Edited’ Jewellery Box for a cute and sustainable way to keep your jewels safe, compact and untangled.

6. Balance the weight of your suitcase evenly

We’ve all lived it before. Nothing worse than having your luggage topple to one side, making it immobile. Avoid this by packing your heaviest items like shoes and toiletries towards the bottom and lighter items towards the top

7. Pack inflight essentials separately

Don’t be that person that has to scramble through their bag once onboard to find their headphones and snacks. Pack a small inflight essentials bag that can easily fit under the seat in front.