For the best seat on your upcoming flight use SeatGuru

By Annabel Fuller

When looking for flight options between Australia and Europe, a direct route is hard to come by.  Flights between the continents come in various lengths, miles and hours; none of which appear overly pleasant, particularly for those of us booked in the back of the bus.

As I trolled Webjet looking for an endurable flight Dubai, Singapore and even Hong Kong proved to be popular layovers; however, it was QF9 that drew my attention. Qantas’ new kangaroo route which connects passengers in a short 17 hours direct from Perth to London was in my cart and purchased before I even had a minute to process that ‘short and ’17 hours’ are not one and the same for an economy passenger.

But with flights confirmed I decided if I were going to fly on one of the only two routes in the world to fly direct more than 9,000 miles, I’d need to be comfortable. The flight operated by a Boeing 787-Dreamliner is designed for long haul comfort, however, as I discovered not all seats are the same.

In a desperate plea to find business class comfort at an economy price, I stumbled across SeatGuru.

SeatGuru is a FREE website and app that allows you to view your aircrafts seat plans before you board. The cite owned by TripAdvisor also links back to travellers’ reviews and photos of their experience onboard. It can be a handy tool when choosing which airline, route, aircraft and a particular seat that is ideal for your needs.

If like me, you have already booked your flight you can enter your airline, flight number and travel date to have the application retrieve information on seat pitch and width, in-flight amenities, user reviews, photos and more. It is a great way to choose your seat as the cite colour coordinates the seats of the aircraft by good, mixed reviews and bad to ensure that your hop across the pond can be as comfortable as possible.

SeatGuru’s Seat Map of Qantas’ Boeing 787-9 (SeatGuru)

The way I take the most advantage of the cite when I haven’t already selected a flight is by using the comparison charts which are useful in deciding what airline to fly based on your needs. The comparison is categorised by airline, aircraft, seat pitch and width, inflight entertainment options, Wi-Fi capabilities and if outlets are available.

SeatGuru Comparison Chart (SeatGuru)

At 9010 miles, my monster journey which sets off on its non-stop run to London at 6.50 p.m. AWST, reaching Heathrow at 5.10 a.m. UK time the following day could feel like a lifetime if I hadn’t of checked my seats rating on SeatGuru. To make sure you have the most comfortable flight possible, make sure to check SeatGuru before booking your next seat.



Featured Image by Ty_Yang on Pixabay