With the travel season upon us, it’s time to remember that the destination is not the start of your adventure, it begins the moment you walk through the airport doors. Here is your guide to the top 5 airport goers worth watching.

By Annabel Fuller

  1. Coma Patients:

Not someone in need of urgent medical attention; rather someone in transit so desperate for sleep they sacrifice all dignity and collapse in an unconscious heap with their belongings scattered around them.

  1. The Over Packer:

This person’s luggage is bursting at the seams, full of questionable souvenirs. However, this person is also the one that forgets all essentials including toothpaste, phone chargers and most concerningly their passport.

  1. The Soft-Texture Wearer:

Can be found across all means of transports but flourishes in airports. This passenger is layered with pashmina scarves, draping cotton wraps and soft flannel. The wearer’s leggings for pants and Birkenstocks with socks can identify the look.

  1. Mobile Office Slaves:

Frequently seen pounding the keys of their laptop this passenger is not found in business class lounges. Instead, they are dressed for destination frantically emailing their progress. As the deadline of take-off nears they, rally the troops and join the queue of gate-huggers.

  1. Gate Huggers:

Inarguably the worst type of people at the airport. The moment your flight is announced they leap from their seats and swam the gate entrance. Typically, these are low fare-paying passengers panicked they will get bumped off the flight.