It’s the photograph every traveller has within their arsenal of perfectly grammable snaps, but what makes your photo unique. CT shares our tips for snapping the ideal travel pic.

By Annabel Fuller


It’s the photograph every traveller has within their arsenal of perfectly grammable snaps.

The window seat – aeroplane wing soaring among the clouds is the classic getaway snap that every Instagrammer tries to nail.

As a loyal window sitter, I have blessed my humble Instagram following with many “Hello Asia” and “Home sweet home” posts of the aircraft horizon.

To celebrate another post today from my recent Gold Coast flight here are four tips to perfect the window shot.


Pre-book! Don’t leave it to fate; when purchasing your ticket secure your window seat at the same time. If you can’t pre-arrange your picture-perfect position, make sure you online check-in as soon as it opens to secure a window seat. Bonus if you can score a seat at the front of the plane, to include the engine in the shot.


Reflections from cabin lights and IFE systems can be distracting to the image. Hold your safety card, in-flight magazine or even your hand adjacent to the camera and turn off your overhead seat light to minimise reflections. Play around with your camera settings to lessen unnecessary light.


Hard to see fingerprints can ruin your photo. To wipe away any smudges clean the window with any kind of cloth available. I carry a microfibre cloth with my phone, but a napkin, t-shirt or (clean) tissues will also get you out of trouble.


Once safe to do so, get your camera ready! Take some test shots to maximise your knowledge of the perfect angle. Don’t be afraid to tilt/twist and use different camera modes to give the photo a dramatic effect. Once the sunset is aligned seamlessly over the wing snap as many shots as possible so you have plenty of post-worthy options.