Got a tight layover? So, have we. Follow these useful tips to ensure you never miss a flight again…

By Annabel Fuller

Choose an aisle seat near the front

When you’re in a rush, every second counts, so you don’t want to get stuck behind slow de-planers. When booking your flight, secure the seat closest to the exit to make sure of a quick getaway.

Pack light

Some connections require you to re-check baggage, causing delays to your onwards journey. If you can pack light and leave the checked baggage at home by opting for a well-packed carry on that is mobile, light and will save you space. DL recommends the ‘Larger Carry On’ by Away Travel.

Learn the lay of the land

If you have a tight connection, you might want to orient yourself with the airport map before you arrive. You can locate the distance between your landing and departure gate to plan your route to avoid wasting time checking signs and asking for directions.

Check-in before arriving

Checking in before you arrive not only saves time at airport counters it also alerts the airline that you intend to board the flight. This makes it less likely your seat will be given away to the standby list.

Have your documents ready

Make sure your boarding pass, passport and any other documentation are stored somewhere safe that is easily accessible, so you don’t waste any of your precious time searching for your documents.

Stick to one airline

If your tight deadline is due to an airline fault such as a delay they will re-book you onto the next available flight, given both journeys were booked on the same ticket with the same airline.

Plead your case to the flight attendants

Flight attendants are compassionate people and will likely be able to grant you an expedited ticket through security if you have a valid concern for missing your flight. At the same time, this is dependent on the airport and country, cosying up to your flight attendants can offer additional perks such as lounge passes, upgrades and more.

If all else fails and you get stuck with a long layover check out our guide on how to pass the time during a long connection.

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