We’ve all been there, stuck on a long layover with nothing to do. Boredom no more, DL reveals the best activities to keep you entertained during a long connection.

By Annabel Fuller

Explore the airport

Airports are becoming increasingly fascinating places with plenty of free amenities to enjoy. Brussels Airport has foosball tables, and there is a complimentary cinema at Singapore Changi. Plus several airports around the world have museum exhibits. If these don’t take your fancy, people watching can be a great way to pass the time as you stroll around plane spotting.

Visit an airline lounge

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or budget backpacker, there’s a way for everyone to access airline lounges. Most airlines will sell passengers day passes to visit their lounge ranging from $40-$90 AUD pp. Once inside enjoy the buffet, watch TV or relax with a warm shower. But don’t get too comfortable you still have a flight to catch.

Get a massage at the airport spa

Whether your en-route or on your final leg home travelling can be stressful and what better way to unwind than with a massage. Most modern airports offer some kind of spa facilities, so regardless of your journey, you can feel relaxed heading into the next adventure.

Enjoy a meal

Aeroplane food might be awful, but the food at the airport doesn’t have to be. Grab a bite to eat and try a local dish from a new restaurant. While you’ve good food on your mind pick up some snacks for when you’re peckish in the early hours of your flight.

Try a cocktail at the bar

What better way to wash down a good feed than with a delicious cocktail from the airport bar? While you’re there, catch the end of a sports game or make some new friends.


Working out is a great way to revive your body after a long flight and prepare you for another bought of sitting. Nowadays some airports offer gym facilities, and classes like yoga but the team at DL know you don’t need a gym pass to get a good workout, we tested the best exercises for a full workout in an airport – to read more click here.

Shop at the Duty-Free store

Enjoy the luxurious feel of lack of obligation as you stroll through the designer hall of the duty-free store. Stop and wonder at your favourite perfumes and enjoy the first-class treatment you’ll receive. If you’re lucky, you might pick up a bargain.

See the city

If you’ve got a long-enough layover, take the time to see the city. Explore a local museum, try the local cuisine at an authentic restaurant or walk around and take it all in. Places like Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, Singapore, Doha, Istanbul and Salt Lake City all offer free city tours from the airport for connecting passengers to experience the local culture in less than a day.

And if all else fails …

Connect to the Airport Free Wi-Fi

Most airports offer free Wi-Fi for guest to connect to. Browse the internet, check your emails, read another Departure Lounge article or connect to Netflix – not sure what to watch check out our list of the best travel movies.

With all these activities, you’ll be wondering where the time went, rushing to the gate to make your connection.