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By Annabel Fuller

Dear CT,

In what ways can I be a good guest when staying in someone’s home, whether I am couch surfing, renting an apartment, or a personal guest of family or friends?

Safe Travels,

Melissa from USA


Hi Melissa,

Thank you for your question!

We recommend always leaving the space as you found it and showing respect to the room by always keeping your belongings tidy and bed made. If you’re sharing a space with others offer to help with chores such as making dinner and cleaning up. If you’re staying in someone’s home be respectful of their boundaries and give them alone time, it’s a great opportunity to explore the city you’re in or take a walk. Additionally, a token of gratitude can go a long way, it doesn’t have to be anything grand but a thank you card, and a box of chocolates shows your appreciation and can strengthen your relationship with the host. Finally, as long as you practice manners, are clean and respectful you will fulfil your desire of being a good guest.