Should you Swap Seats on a plane?

Children are separated from their parents, couples are split, tall passengers squeeze into middle seats, and anxious flyers are away from where they're comfortable. But what to do you do if you're asked to swap seats but absolutely don’t want to? It’s a question that...

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Guide to all types at airports

With the travel season upon us, it's time to remember that the destination is not the start of your adventure, it begins the moment you walk through the airport doors. Here is your guide to the top 5 airport goers worth watching. Coma Patients: Not someone in need of...

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The best of Economy Seats!

Even towards the back of plane not all seats are equal. There are exit row seats, bulkheads seats and even seats that have no seat in front of them.  During the GFC airlines began to monetise these meek luxuries making them all yours, for an unjustifiable fee. Suppose...

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