Alan Joyce has today announced the “manufacturers have succeeded”. A year after the Qantas CEO challenged Airbus and Boeing to design a plane capable of flying direct from the East Coast to London the airline announced the history-making route should take to the skies by 2022.

If the route proves viable, direct connections to other hub cities such as New York could follow.

The announcement of the 20-hour journey has come just months after Qantas launched the first scheduled nonstop flight from Perth to London in March. The new route has proven the “highest rating service in the network.”

Project Sunrise, as Qantas calls it, plans to configure an aircraft capable of flying 300 passengers and their luggage further than any regular service to date. The airline is yet to announce which manufacturer will supply the plane, but in a statement, Airbus and Boeing had the following to say.

“We are looking at all the options to meet the Project Sunrise requirements but can’t comment on the details of our discussions with Qantas,” Airbus said.

Boeing said: “We are confident that we can meet the customer’s requirements in terms of range and capability.”

It is rumoured Airbus is the current frontrunner after the company unveiled its cargo compartments at this year’s Hamburg exhibition. The sleeping modules and gym were popular among frequent flyers so if the berths which will initially be available on the A330 and potentially A350 meet the demands of Qantas – you may be able to out-run your jetlag.