The giant vessel, which features a full-size basketball court, two rock-climbing walls, a 10-storey slide and a ‘central park’ containing over 20,000 tropical plants, transports 8,500 passengers and crew each week.

By Annabel Fuller

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RRCL) currently holds the title for the world’s largest passenger vessel with their four Oasis Class ships. The 120,000-tonne vessels stretch a colossal 1,184 ft in length, 208 ft in width and a sky-reaching 18 decks. The vast ships which cost close to USD 1bn each to build can carry 6,360 passengers and 2,100 crew; making the floating city bigger than the size of a small town.

But what does it take to operate the World’s largest cruise ship? CT uncovers…

The shopping list: 

The following figures are reproduced from National Geographic’s Adventure TV documentary “Mega Food: The World’s Biggest Cruise Ship.” Where the film crew went behind the scenes onboard Oasis of the Seas to reveal the staggering shopping list required to feed up to 6,360 hungry passengers and 2,100 crew.

On a typical 7-night itinerary up to 200,000 meals are produced, averaging around 30,000 meals per day. Two hundred fifty chefs work behind the scenes to transform 100 tonnes of raw ingredients into gourmet meals at sea in a 24-hour operation.

The culinary process begins hours before passengers embark and the ship sets sail. Chefs prepare breakfast for disembarking passengers before making lunch and dinner for the embarking passenger. Each turnaround day a choreographed assembly line kicks in as the bulk of supplies are relished in a tight nine-hour deadline.

Each week passengers and crew onboard the Oasis of the Seas consume:

  • 3.5 tonnes of rice
  • 5.5 tonnes of flour
  • 30 tonnes of vegetables
  • Nearly 16 tonnes of cooking oil
  • 25 tonnes of meat including 8 tonnes of chicken and 2 tonnes of bacon
  • 5.5 tonnes of watermelons and almost 3 tonnes of honeydew melons
  • 4 tonnes of pineapple and 2 tonnes of strawberries
  • 86,000 eggs
  • 4,000 lobster tails weighing in at almost 900 kilograms
  • 2,780 bottles of wine and champagne
  • 20,000 bottles and cans of beer
  • 15,000 bottles of water
  • 21,000 Ice cream cones
  • 9925 Litres of milk
  • 10,680 Hot Dogs

Throughout her voyage, the Oasis restocks on perishables including milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lobsters, which are a featured menu item on the latter end of the cruise.

In addition, all RCCL ships carry a two-day surplus of basic ingredients encase the ship is unexpectedly unable to dock as per the itinerary.

It is estimated the average cruise passenger consumes a whopping 5,500 calories per day, a shocking 3500 more than health professionals advise. But what do passengers do with these extra calories?

On-Board Activities:

The Oasis-class ships boast a boatload of fun with onboard activities to entertain the young and the old.

The ship features the largest slide at sea, three waterslides, two 43-foot rock walls, a full-sized basketball court, two Flow rider Surf Simulators, an ice-rink, a 1380 seat theatre equipped for Broadway productions, four swimming pools, six whirlpools, a children’s splash bay, a central library, card/game room, casino, jazz bar, nightclub, kids and teens clubs, mini-golf, a carousel, a 127ft high zip-line, an aqua theatre and more. Ensuring each guest stays fit and entertained while on board, some of the most popular activities are;

The two bow side flow rider surf simulators cycle through 34,000 gallons of water each minute.

The indoor ice-rink must be cooled to a chilly -4 to -7 degrees Celsius.

A duo of dry slides, The ships signature attraction, has guests, whooshing through its enclosed tubes, dropping 100 feet and exiting to the Boardwalk,10 decks below.

The trio of waterslides suspends guest mid-air before taking a 10-story plunge to make a breathtaking splash below.

The zip line stretches 82 feet from end to end allowing guests to soar above 9 decks.

Over 150 cardio machines make up the onboard gym, and the onboard running track requires approximately 918 steps per lap.

It can safely be said that these facilities are well used with the average Oasis-Class passenger taking over 10,000 steps per day.

Adult Fun

For those of legal age the ships boast 18 bars which serve approximately 9000 alcoholic beverages per day, the comedy club has a capacity of 193, and the nightclub can hold up to 775 guests.

For each 7 day voyage the ships bar tab requires:

  • 31,900 bottles of beer and 900 cans
  • 820 bottles of vodka
  • 179 bottles of whisky
  • 293 bottles of scotch
  • 765 bottles of rum
  • 3,360 bottles of white wine
  • 2,776 bottles of red wine

When guests are exploring ports, the logistical operation continues…

The Nitty Gritty

Ships of such magnitude require 10,272 rolls of toilet paper, 1,000 new lightbulbs, 30 replacement TVs, 861kg of coffee and 88 litres of hand sanitizer. Every week. Mega-ships such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Oasis-class require military precision to keep these floating cities bustling and alive.